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Page of 67 Go. Page 17 or aux 3 and 4 are connected functionally. All configurations can be made with a simply mouse click and saved in the mixer setup. I saw the boss a month or so later who took great delight in telling me the engineer was now a convert to the Marian cause. The pre-function of the level meter allows exact control of incoming signals.

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Marian UCON CX

With the help of the fader at the end of the channel strip, the portion of volume of the channel on the master sum is regulated, which ends up at the mix out of the UCON.

Choose bigger values e. The exceptional artist not only filled big halls in his last years tour across Germany. The frequency spectrum presents itself well-balanced, clear and brilliant. The stereo image is excellent. The mic amps are quiet enough to let you get on with with the business of recording.

Modular and handy mixer and marjan dialogues enable the manipulation of many parameters and the display of all in and outputs.

The front panel sports the four xlr inputs, each input has a 20db pad, a signal presence led and an over led. Having banged on about Marian driver stability the Trace driver refused to load when I returned to the system after a fairly miserable jarian to France for the Rugby World Cup.


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It allows musical ideas to be captured quickly, and to easily master all thinkable situations during a production. With standard ASIO very small latency times can be achieved. Generally, a driver update checks the current operating program of the UCON CX, and performs, if needed, an automatic update. In all areas of human endeavour there are those who garner praise almost without ucoj, and those who languish unrecognised despite noble efforts.

Marian: UCON CX live with Gentleman and the FAR EAST BAND

Page of 67 Go. Furthermore it can be used as high-quality stand-alone ADAT-converter. Furthermore, you can save and load the setups for Mixer and Output Control.

Every available audio signal can be routed freely and monitored latency-free uocn any physical output. There have been a couple of technologies developed for the UCON series, ensuring undisturbed data transfer and taking care of minimal latencies.

But not enough, USB 2 extension boards for the pci bus are unbeatable cheap, so even inappropriate on board chipsets may be replaced easily. This way up to 8 channels with 24 Bit and ycon can be transmitted back and forth the system. You open the corresponding window via the UCON symbol on the taskbar.

Marian Sound Cards – Ucon CX and Trace Pro Review – ppmsix_tv

Inputs and outputs Analog: The mixer is very easy to handle and has a lot of smart solutions under the hood. The design was intended to provide a robust and solid construction with good recognition of all control elements. Different mixer sums and a phones output with adjustable gain. Check the corresponding settings! Band and artist are long-term workmates and appreciate each other. The Ucon CX suffered from none of these problems on the laptop and desktop I tried it on.


That means at any given time you can measure this signal and receive a defined measuring value. It works problem-free with intel- and amd based systems.

Tested and recommended USB2 chipsets for UCON CX series

Mostly digital mixers do not support as many analog inputs as they could digitally work with. Quibbles — midi control of the mixer would be nice, no hardware gain controls, very very bright blue led on the front panel and you do have to have to use an external power supply.

Gentleman concerts are outstanding events. I saw the boss a month or so later who took great delight in telling me the engineer was now a convert to the Marian cause. A usual field of application is the recording of mariann band rehearsal sessions.