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Because this Platform Designer system uses an internal descriptor controller, the port connection is not shown in Platform Designer. Corrected minor errors and typos. This design parameter specifies the maximum acceptable latency that the device can tolerate to exit the L0s state for any links between the device and the root complex. Selects the interface to the Application Layer. Design examples to get started.

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You do not need to change this value. Refer to Section 6. Software may clear the error status by writing a 1 to the appropriate bit. This is a safe setting for most designs. The upper 12 bits of the prefetchable base registers chopset the Type1 Configuration Space.

Does your design require Configuration via Protocol CvP? Device Capabilities 2 Register.

Master data parity error status register bit 8. Typically, the tag used in the completion packet exceeds the number of tags specified. To run the simulation, type the following commands in a terminal window: For Gen1 and Gen2 only. Please contact your Altera sales representative for PLL and channel usage. This interrupt mechanism conserves pins because it does not use separate wires for interrupts.


When asserted, indicates that the Avalon-MM slave device is not ready to respond. For Gen3 designs, specifies the current preset. Revised programming model for the Descriptor Controller. The protocol specifies 2. When you select the DMA option, the generated example design includes a direct memory access application. Sets the read-only value of the port number field in the Link Capabilities register.

The controller always requests an even number of bit words to the host. Turning this option on turns on the Extended Tag bit in the Control register. This signal encodes receive status and error codes for the receive data stream and receiver detection.

Intel Arria 10 or Intel Cyclone 10 GX Avalon -MM DMA Interface for PCI Express Solutions User Guide

This Avalon-MM master interface is only available for variants with the internally instantiated Descriptor Controller. You can enable the Root Port dm the current release.

This register is only available in Root Port mode. Removed the parameter values High and Maximum from the RX buffer allocation parameter.


Click Next in the New Project Wizard: An address space of 32 KB is allocated for the control registers. This error is caused by an unexpected completion 50000. Specifies the Avalon-MM read data.

Removed list of static example designs from Design Examples. The Read Completions can come back in any order.

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5000 width of this address bus is specified by the parameter Address width of accessible PCIe memory space. Low-order 32 bits of the DMA source address. TX data is valid. Dedicated 16 KB receive buffer.