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Renaming of folders where the old and new names are identical except from the case. See the entry below for an example of how this can happen.. The app is now fully unicode enabled. You can also attach the current log. Drive usage bar colours applied when settings are read from the ini. They were blending onto black, instead of the background.

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Télécharger Wii Backup Manager Build 78(page 6)

Language file display name option in lang files. Alors personne ne savait que cette limite de existait apparemment. This will allow reproducible hashes from any source as long as the partition usage is the same. Column to show IOS version on the files page. Sauvegarde et chargement d’un fichier. DiscIndexFromID function didn’t work with the file naming conventions, so duplicates were allowed to be transferred to drives.

Now a 1MB buffer is used to read the files in small chunks. More archive support using 7-zip dll.


USB disk drive cradle (Pete’s notes)

Wii Backup Manager Build Drive detection via assigned drive letters. A couple of names in the about box showed as question marks because my source code formatter didn’t work with unicode characters. Incremental search now scrolls the selection into view. I have compared the output with DiscEx and everything is identical. Option “Target DVD write speed”.

Télécharger Wii Backup Manager Build 78(page 6) – Wii Info

Application icon by NahuelDS. Something wasn’t saving correctly since the move to Unicode. Drive sizes in the format dialog. A link to the facebook page in the help menu.

Translators should manually change this value to reflect the version they translated for. Some people find the “ding” annoying. The log file will always contain “Full debug” information. Loads of little error checks and interface improvements. When disabled, WBM behaves just like the loaders, where you can download missing covers only.

Reduced sparse file fragmentation by allocating the file size before setting sparse mode. Disabled overflow check, since it’s stupid having the app crash for non-critical errors.


Support for the new WBFS file storage convention.

Default split size is now 4GB. Texture blending mode for covers. Trying to add a Wii ISO to the files list where the partition table was invalid would cause the thread to terminate early. Si le fichier est tel quel, il faut l’extraire. After an archive was extracted, the usage size wasn’t calculated, which caused the ISO to labelled as invalid. You can quickly send the current language file via the feedback form.

Writing CISO was broken Divide by zero error with transfers that take less than 1 second -Fixed: Disk cache thrashing that was caused by writing 1 Wii sector at a time, now using 1 Ehs-251u2 sector again.