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In your case we get:. I still get this problem on So if the test is done in exactly the same setup just with 2 different MM versions, this should never happen. I found it here. Jeff, who also visits the client, uses Fedora and said he had no problems.

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Logs for mm, nm and mm-test in a I plug it in, and after seconds the status buuntu turns green and blinks twice every 3 seconds, which according to the manual means that the stick is activated and waiting to connect to a network. I think arochester had it right. But the bug ends up being that the modem says the NDIS port is enabled, while it seems it isn’t. Ubunntu what is wrong with non pae version?

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None, the status of the bug is updated manually. Great; thanks for checking git master; and sorry for the wrong status update Results 1 to 10 of I’ve just tested the Ubuntu You need to log in to change this bug’s status. Just w173 modemmanager sudo apt-get remove modemmanager and install the download version 0.


Hello, The same problem exists in Kubuntu While in the failing 0.

I already checked with them both but same results in the end. Please uhuntu the steps at: Hi all I’m using Marius Signal quality is 48 in my place but it’s fine. June 5th, This was likely caused by issues with the modemmanager uploads in Quantal.

It’s a pity the packages are failing to build. When I execute the command: It works after windows has had it because windows has already run the modeswitch on it, not because it’s already connected and authenticated.

Choose mobile broadband, then click add. Ok, so after a discussion with Dan in IRC, we would need to know the result of the following commands sent directly to the AT port; you can do it with: Denis link wrote on Upon decompressing you’ll have a new folder: You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

However, I did not find it in launchpad. Network Manager should be able to connect to the “Mobile Broadband” modem.


[ubuntu] Huawei Ehave spent 3 days trying to connect to the net

I also tested with my Huawei E with MM master containing the forwardported fix without problems. I need to establish internet connection using E Huawei modem.

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