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You can configure the WiFi catcher to show only unencrypted or preferred networks, you can set wireless profiles, you can adjust any number of power management settings, and you can fine tune display settings all from the QuickSet menu. Underside shot of the Dell Latitude D, the hard drive and stike zone can be found here view large image There is not much to say regarding the aesthetic design of the notebook. Windows OS Windows 7 and 8. The keyboard of the Latitude D seems clear and is in general well-structured. Latitude D — Windows 7 and 8.

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Apple MacBook Pro 2. The display can be used outdoors, because of its matt surface. The design of the Dell Latitude D is not really similar to the lines and forms used in the Inspiron series.

Latitude D – Windows 7, and 10 64 Bit – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Soon after I began my research for a notebook computer, I came to the conclusion that I wanted a business-oriented machine.

sigmael Dell homepage Dell notebook section. It was too late to modify my original order but the associate was very helpful. A TE with 1. The screen is most likely the Achilles heel of the D, if it has one.

When I apply pressure to the lid of the notebook no ripples appear, a common occurrence on poorer built machines.

Review Dell Latitude D Notebook – Reviews

The laptop was about as thin as I expected but it was a bit heavier than I thought it would be. The D provides just volume control and mute buttons above the keyboard as opposed to the various media buttons found on most consumer laptops. On the underside there is a SmartCard reader for corporations that use it, though SmartCards are far more popular in Europe than in America. They usually feature tinny sound, distorted highs, and nonexistent bass.


Dell Latitude D820 Review (pics, specs)

The screen has a high degree of torsional rigidity thanks to the magnesium alloy panel backing it resulting in little flex and no screen distortion when twisting the screen frame.

The screen locks down with two clasps which are retracted by a latch. A remarkable difference is the Latitude’s rather angular and geometric designbut also the black and mainly dark gray colors used. dsll

Pro Robust case High-quality materials User-friendly order of interfaces Good input devices Very low temperature and noise emissions Good battery runtime Contra Decent design Moderate haptics of the surfaces Display hinges allow a slight see-saw Moderate vertical stability to the vantage point. Dell has designed the D for excellent heat dissipation.

The ThinkPad T60 was aimed more towards the road warrior.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this notebook to anyone looking for an effective tool to get some serious work done. The reviewed 55Wh battery provided a runtime between 2 and up to 5 hours. So, the Ddll Latitude D is a typical office notebook with strengths regarding emissions and battery runtime. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. Since this laptop was going to have to last me through at least four years of college, it needed to be able to take a beating.


Though the sale price was no longer in effect for the new order, she let me add the discount retroactively.

The notebook is attractive v820 it is not going to win any design awards. On the right side, the D sports two stacked USB 2. On the one hand the robust casewhich is mostly out of high-quality materialsensures a very good flexural rigidity and robustness of the Latitude D A cool feature is the automatic light-sensor which adjusts screen brightness based on ambient light conditions.

The reviewed notebook’s strengths are low temperature and noise emissions and a gook battery runtime, which depends on the supplied battery.

In fact, to fully open the screen I have to hold down keyboard half of the notebook. Underside shot of the Dell Latitude D, the hard drive and stike zone can be found here view large image There is not much to say regarding the aesthetic design vell the notebook. The Intel WiFi Driver is inbuilt. Therefore, the colors the colors seem warmer. You should not even think on playing current games, because you can only expect limited graphical power for games from a video card of class 4.

I would, however, have preferred omitting or relocating the Windows key in favor d8200 a larger space bar.