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In CardScan 9, the feature to transfer specific contacts has been removed and replaced with an option to synchronize all of your contacts to either Microsoft Outlook, Sage’s ACT! Browse to the file created in steps 1 to 7 and click Open filename. Create a new CardScan file. Browse to the location of your CardScan Backup file and select Open. Close the original file and save the new file under the original name. To assign categories to one contact: If you are happy with the scanned image, click Next until you are on the Finished screen.

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Click the Tools menu and choose Options. From the drop down menu, select which telephone format you would like to use.

How to Use Cardscan

Tuesday, May 29, 4: Do I have to pay any per-copy royalty to distribute the SDK files with my application? Click the Select button under the Select Outlook Folder option. Choose Open from the File menu in CardScan.

Warning During the CardScan setup, the first time you use the CardScan program, you may be prompted to calibrate your system.


Scan business cards — or drag and drop contact data from any email or web page to create an indispensible digital address book. By default, all recipients are selected.

After the scanner has been successfully calibrated click the OK button twice. Choose Print from the File menu and follow the instructions in the Print Wizard. Choose your transfer settings. Contacts will sync automatically.

Downloads: Software, Drivers & User Guides

Brought to you by Techwalla. Choose the Contact List, click Next. All unused entries from the drop-down list no longer appear in the drop-down list.

How do I clear all the contact data in the Palm organizer handheld address book? Click the Scan icon. If I open the CardScan program and go through the scanner setup wizard, I still get the same error messaage, that the scanner is not detected.

Downloads: Software, Drivers & User Guides

CardScan was not designed to read drivers licenses and we cannot predict how accurate the results would be. Choose a new save name and location tsain save your file. You will need to select the appropriate entry from the list to match the column name. In the Preferences box that pops up on your screen, choose the transfer settings, such as the program you want the CardScan file to transfer to and then click the “OK” button.


CardScan support

Scanning Business Cards Scan a business card by placing the card with the information side facing up on the scanner. Place your PalmPilot in its cradle, and HotSync. Select the contacts you want to export. This program uses the SDK to read the cards and then writes the twakn to the database.

Click Tools – Signature Card. If the other application supports the vCard interchange format, you can drag and drop contacts from CardScan as follows: Open CardScan to the List View. For a better site experience, upgrade your browser today.

Under Address Book, click Choose. Open CardScan and the other application, and size the windows so they are both visible. This product will be discontinued beginning January Choose a location to save the exported file.

The languages currently supported are: