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Didn’t think that would install on the PCI-X card. As it was only in use by me and 2 pc’s for backup, performanc was not a issue. Posted September 2, I used these for years with Windows Vista. Yes, you can mix and match however you want, but it causes uneven loading on the drives which can prevent you from reaching the high speeds you’d likely want. Does device manager show a driver installed for it or will it update drive from internet? Joined Jul 12, Messages 12 Thanks 0.

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Aoc-sat2-mv8 slow? | FreeNAS Community

I must be an idiot because I can’t figure out which disk image goes with this card. If you aren’t using 8. Mon Sep 14, Sat Dec 29, 9: If it is not then I apologize in advance. Now it is going to be used for backups of 5 pc’s 4 users shared folders and offsite backups of 3 online servers.

How full is your zpool? Your issue is definitely not network related. No difrence if linux or windows 7.


Aoc-sat2-mv8 slow?

Not sure if this is actually your problem unless have been this full for a long period of time. Yes still need it.

Mon Sep 14, 1: Sonnet Technologies had one and I’ve had it installed for almost 2 weeks now with no problems. Try letting windows search on the internet for one by using the automatic search option for update driver.

It’s not recommended that you mix vdev types.

This is the only thing keeping me from completing my upgrade Thanks! Notice how their loading is almost zero compared to ada4 through ada7.

supermicro AOC-SASLP-MV8 latest drivers and firmware – Ars Technica OpenForum

Even Sun haven’t bothered with Win 2K8 versions and they used the chip in the Thumper. No i did not have the driver installed i guess seeing as though it showed a!

This will be in a home office so quiet is perfered. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

If I had to guess I would presume its the PCI-x link or the aoc-sat2-mv8 but as sun microsystems used them in there original 48 drive thumper server. If they are old and slow that can cause performance issues too. If you believe akc-sat2-mv8 have the correct cables, unplug the card. To clear this message, click the red X in the upper left corner.


Thread starter hibble Start date Mar 1, Posted September 2, Posted August 31, Do you have the correct cables? Are you by chancing running the x86 version of FreeNAS?

I find it hard to believe seeing as though it works no problem on Vista. The only other option I would have is to buy another card for the software.

As it was only in use by me and 2 pc’s for backup, performanc was not a issue. The driver file details are: Still need the drivers if anyone else has them. The time now is Other solutions I found seemed like hacks.